Laura Rossi, the famous Italian publicist, presented at CDMX a high fashion duality between Italy and Mexico, in a spectacular parade that had great guests; Maison Gattinoni and Pineda Covalín.

For more than six months, Rossi and his team as the great fashion Stylist, Marco Corral, worked hand in hand with Ambassador Luigi Maccota to carry out this magnificent event that was not only a highly visual and technological catwalk but a whole social happening of the highest level. The two fashion firms; Maison Gattinoni and Pineda Covalín, accompanied by the talent of Monserrat Meseguer, Sara Massi, Daniela DeCima and Nestor Osuna, delivered a glamorous and visually stunning event to guests such as Paty Barrios Gómez, Chely Lerdo de Tejada, Aline Bortoloti, Nicole Aloi, Karla Weinberg, Alejandra del Rio, Jamehel Guerra, Tony Serdan, Tere Zermeño, Mayra Nakatani, Martín Olvarrieta and many others, who accompanied the distinguished Roman in her event.

The famous haute couture house, Maison Gattinoni, presented by the hand of Guillermo Mariotto, Creative Director and famous fashion figure at international level, his Fall-Winter collection 2017, which presents the dream of a teenager who goes from sigh delicious and dormant that turns into a disturbing night of desire represented by a spectacular couple; she an anthropological punk and an adonis-fighter couture, who raised applause from the audience. The dresses, sometimes surreal and inspired by a dormant physical transcendence, in a state like the dream of a teenager, were enriched by exclusive jewelery specially designed for the collection by Gianni De Benedittis; designer of the future brandRemoto.

For its part, Pineda Covalín for the Autumn - Winter season 2017, is inspired by the renewal and reinterpretation of the cultural wealth that Mexico has, taking elements characteristic of the contemporary architecture of the country, which emerged in the second half of the 20th century. Within a context of globalized aesthetics that composes diverse elements and influences, Pineda Covalin proposes a collection that speaks of diversity and a transition: of a reunion and harmonization between past and present. The old acquires new functions and merges with the contemporary and the needs that it presents, the architectural forms become relevant and se. retains the minimalism that claims its place as a constant element. Based on a modern and functional environment with impeccable aesthetics.



Laura Rossi and her team give their second event in Mexico, the first Once Upon a Time, an event focused on the smallest of the house, presented as Metropolitan Contrasts, a spectacular staging based on Alice in Wonderland . This event will have its second edition at the beginning of 2018.