It is a pleasure to have friends, but more when they are people who have had interesting and fruitful lives. This is how the past 1 of November we celebrated among friends, good food and Spanish wines and lots of stories the birthday number 80 of Juan Bautista Pérez del Blanco.

Juan adopted Mexico As his second home he makes 64 years when he barely had 16 years. Despite the distance, he still carries in his heart and in his thought Barniedo with León Spain, land to which I travel frequently. Friend, businessman, importer of Spanish wines in Mexico, distributor of irons and steel in this country and president of the Leonesa Association of Castilla y León in Mexico City, Juan celebrated in a big way in the ring of Monumental Plaza de Toros Mexico, the largest in the country and the largest in the world.

With a perfect climate, the 43 diameter meters of the arena were the scene of the mass, food and great celebration. Juan met with his childhood friends, those in life, those in the party, and friends of his friends to celebrate life. From one until ten o'clock in the evening and between the sun and the shade of different stalls, the fresh breeze blew as the afternoon fell, feeling more intense than in the rest of the city due to its design with a collapse of 20 meters ground.

Since its opening in 1946 with the run of Manolete y Silverio Pérez, the square became one of the dreams of Juan Bautista who longed to be a novillero. On this special day and thanks to his children, his dream of being in the dreamed arena came true, although not fighting but eating deliciously and surrounded by family and best friends. Despite being a colossal work, the Mexico Square It was built in just 180 days with the effort of ten thousand workers, and was announced as the only construction in the world that can compete with the Rome Coliseum.

In its business aspect, the Cava de Juan It is the way in which he shares the flavors of his homeland in his land of heart. With a wide variety of red, rosé, sparkling, white, green, author and organic wines, liqueurs such as brandy, anise, marc and mezcal, fine products such as hams and sausages, as well as cavas, glasses, accessories and even an innovative pourer for wine and cider.

With such a big heart, Juan requested as a single gift that donations be made in his name to the Spanish Benefit Society IAP en Mexico, who for years has been providing altruistic and non-profit help to low-income Spaniards, their children and grandchildren residing in the country.