La creme social capitalina of all ages came together in the space today called Garden of Events Santa Fe, adjacent to the expo of the course and which is an achievement of construction, functionality and spectacular design surrounded by gardens with the most high-end landscaping, to enjoy the party for more than a thousand guests that framed its official opening.

The partners and hosts of the evening Eutimio García, Víctor Aboumrad, Rodrigo, Luis y Mauricio Amodio They welcomed everyone with a celebration in all that they put all their efforts so that everything went wonderfully several designers, architects, decorators, producers of events and DJs.

Max Villegas He conducted the opening ceremony counting on words from Rodrigo Amodio on behalf of the investor group who pointed out that the space of 2500 square meters has capacity for 1200 people and infinity of amenities that are combined with the urban space according to nature, since elements such as water, wood, different stones and much vegetation.

The party was decorated in its decoration by Celebrations by Design of the dear friends Paulina Occelli y Daniela García Nigaglioni in dumbbell with Moor Furniture. Lighting, audio and video were in charge of the production house Matatena and the catering by Brioche de Emilio Sieiro.

The entertaining part was imposed by the Jorge Romano's Big BandThe group Sou Jazz and DJ Box.

Many acquaintances among the attendees as Paula Arango, Fernando De Haro, Pato Pasquel, Sofi Larrea, Joaquin Quintana, Nico Pizarro, Federico Fernandez Senderos, Santiago Cuaik, Sandra Madariaga, Curro Pascual, Alexia Gaudiano, Natalia Garcia and many more.