Si a local has achieved fame as few and good reputation becoming the "place" of meeting par excellence in the busiest area of ​​Polanco, that is Brassi. Eight years after its opening in a place as common as the one that once inhabited a neighborhood butcher shop -which nobody bet- its success has been undeniable, thanks to the effort and dedication of a group of young entrepreneurs led by Sandra Oliveras.

These, they looked at the strategic corner with terrace and they saw enormous potential to open there a restaurant of 'comfy food' in petit bistrot concept, hence its name, a short diminutive of the French word 'brasserie'. As such, they began offering a menu of casual, contemporary and seasonal cuisine that always changes according to the season. Surely that's what his success is, pleasing all kinds of diners, especially among the thirtieth public.

To celebrate their eighth anniversary they offered a convivial meeting with friends and loyal customers, where everyone enjoyed tasting the culinary novelties of the menu and very correct cocktails such as the 'cucumber', 'golden forest' and 'on the terrace'. The entertaining part was in charge of the DJ of the house and the illusionist Yann Nuri that left everybody open-mouthed with lots of magic that he performed from table to table.

As always, unbeatable atmosphere was with the long hours of rigor that have made it a 'hotspot' in the area called Polanquito.