HA few days ago the twelfth edition of the Dell EMC Forum took place, an event in which 2017 edition offered more than 36 simultaneous sessions with presentations to present the latest trends, success stories and everything related to technology. information.

This year, the main conference was given by Gaurav Chand, senior vice president of global marketing solutions at Dell EMC, who emphasized that technological innovation is advancing at an exponential rate, ushering in a new era of digital transformation.

[ht_blockquote type = "no_bg" author = "Gaurav Chand"] At Dell EMC we develop and implement solutions so that companies, no matter the industry, build and boost their businesses during the new era. [/ ht_blockquote]

During this edition of the Dell EMC Forum, Octavio Osorio, vice president of Latin America of the business solutions group for Dell EMC and Juan Francisco Aguilar, general manager of commercial solutions for Dell EMC Mexico, welcomed the partners, customers and the media. to invite them to explore the consolidated portfolio of Dell EMC, which provides technology and infrastructure solutions to help companies make digital transformation a reality.

"We are adapting to this technological change faster than before, which causes more versatility and new forms of relationship with the new businesses," Osorio said.

During the event, the 7 edition of Women in IT was held, an initiative that brought together 30 successful executives working in the technology industry, who participated together with the renowned writer and journalist Ángeles Mastretta in the exchange of ideas and business vision .

In this meeting, more than a thousand 200 people shared experiences, success stories, real-time demonstrations and everything necessary to complement IT innovation strategies and boost business towards the future.

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"Business leaders in Mexico and around the world are transforming their industries, which is why they need to be more efficient to get ahead and, therefore, it is critical to have new technologies that allow them to optimize resources and improve their competitive advantages" : Gaurav Chand.