Come says the expression: "throwing all the meat to the grill" so was a group of business partners and authentic 'beef or meat lovers', during the opening of their restaurant Mochomos located in the heart of Palmas in the Lomas de Chapultepec.

This is the first branch they open in Mexico City wanting to share that same passion for northern dishes, which also include recipes of dishes with fish and shellfish from the area, highly valued by the way.

However, they already have a chain of proven establishments in cities in the north of the country such as Hermosillo, its place of origin, Culiacán, Ciudad Obregón, Mexicali, Chihuahua, Monterrey and Querétaro.

And to celebrate, the hosts led by Alberto Martínez "Chi Willy" for the closest ones, Sonia Félix, Víctor Setién, Alfredo Pablos. Pepe Hernández y Roberto Espinosa, they offered elegant and entertaining party with the presence of many socialites from here and from Sonora, willing to share the same enthusiasm.

The founding chef of the concept Alfonso Lira and his executive chef in Mexico Iván Ruiz, they showed off with a menu with fresh entrees, including San Carlos toast, Bacanora octopus and shrimp, the Ribe and the añejo cuts, and several typical delights such as the cheese broth and the Bebel Tower of Betel and several more .

Among the attendees many known as Simón Atri, Chalo Araiza, Roberto Compeán, Jackie Bouffier, Luis Manuel Peralta, Ximena Diez Barroso, Lorena Bours, Fernanda y Barbara Laborín.

To entertain "imported" famous violinist from Los Angeles, who stole applause for his musical prowess.