Hace a few days formalized the appointment of the 32 members who currently integrate the Plenary Session of the Regulatory Council of Rioja on behalf of 9, agrarian organizations and 5, from the bodeguero sector. The election of the winemaker Fernando Salamero as president unanimously of the votes cast closes the first cycle of alternation between winemakers and winemakers leading the Denomination, a milestone in the consolidation of this model of interprofessional management pioneered in 2004.

A native of the Alavese town of Elciego and linked professionally to the Marqués de Riscal winery, Fernando Salamero has accumulated an 35 experience years committed to the management of the Rioja DOCa.

Concluded the mandate in which the agricultural organization ASAJA and the Federation of Cooperatives have been in charge of the presidency for two years each, the process of renewal of the board of directors of the Rioja Interprofessional Organization of Wine, whose members make up the Plenary Session of the Council Regulator, has occurred with total normality, which shows the maturity of the system. This has been highlighted by the outgoing president, José María Daroca, at the official inauguration ceremony held at the headquarters of the Regulatory Council and in which a farewell tribute has been paid to the members of the previous mandate. "As the first cooperative president," he assured in his speech, "I am very proud to have contributed to the consolidation of a management model that we envy in many wine regions of the world, a model that has been decisive for achieving balance and stability essential for the economic profitability of our farms and our warehouses ".

After highlighting some achievements of his mandate, such as the agreements for the productive planning of the Denomination or the promotion of wines from "Singular Vineyard" and the production of quality sparkling wines in Rioja, José María Daroca has concluded by showing his conviction that "this institution is above all of us, of the members who leave office today and of those who assume it, because I have been able to verify that the prestige and international projection of the Regulatory Council is much greater than we believe" .

The new president, Fernando Salamero, president of the Rioja Group and member of the Council from 1982, also highlighted in his speech "the fundamental role played by this institution for the prosperity of this wine region and the thousands of families that we are proud of." this great brand that we have created among all. "

A native of the Alavese town of Elciego and family and professionally linked to the Marqués de Riscal winery, of which he is CFO, Fernando Salamero has accumulated an 35 experience years committed to the management of the Denomination, during which he participated in the strategic decision making for the configuration of the current model of Rioja, such as the concession of the Qualified, the bottling in origin and the creation of the Interprofessional. His intervention has shown his conciliatory and dialoguing spirit: "The foundational spirit of our Interprofessional - acting with the height of vision required by an institution like this, putting the general interests of the Denomination over the individuals of the organizations - is precisely the spirit that encourages me to take possession of the presidency. "

Recognizing the "example of normality in the operation of our model of interprofessional management" that has given the two presidents of the producer sector that have preceded him, Salamero said that "the structuring of the sector through the Interprofessional and the Council is the best management tool to have a balanced development and has become one of the keys to our success. " Among the main objectives for its mandate, it has highlighted its commitment to maintain a balanced development of the Denomination, "being imaginative for the study of new formulas that allow us to guarantee a sufficient volume of production and of the highest quality to meet the need to supply our wineries. " Development that will be based on the current quality model, "always focused on achieving the increase in the added value of our product, counting on it with the necessary weapons such as investments in promotion". He has also shown his firm intention to "develop the wines of unique vineyards and sparkling wines of quality, which together with the wines of the area and municipality have to complement the current categories on which we base our success". Finally, recalling his already known personal commitment to promote wine tourism in Rioja, he assured that he will promote "the coordination of the region's wine tourism offer by the Council".

The act of taking possession was attended by a broad representation of authorities of the three autonomous communities of the Denomination, such as the advisers Iñigo Nagore, Bittor Oroz and Isabel Elizalde, as well as the government delegates Alberto Bretón, Javier de Andrés and Carmen Alba, of La Rioja, Basque Country and Navarra respectively. Also attended was the Provincial Deputy of Agriculture of Álava, Eduardo Aguinaco, the general director of Rural Development of La Rioja, Daniel del Río, the head of the Viticulture Area of ​​the Ministry, Luis Leza, and on behalf of the Minister of Agriculture, General Director of Food Industry, Fernando Burgaz. The president of the CA of La Rioja, Jose Ignacio Cenceros, has closed the ceremony with a few words of congratulations to the new members of the Council.

Since the official constitution of the first Regulatory Council the 11 of January of 1927 under the presidency of Enrique Herreros de Tejada, president of the Diputación Provincial de Logroño, have occupied the position Antonio Larrea Redondo (1945-1971), Eugenio Narvaiza (1971-1982 ), Santiago Coello Cuadrado (1982-1992), Angel by Jaime Baró (1992-2004), Víctor Pascual Artacho (2004-2013), Luis Alberto Lecea Blanco (2013-2015) and José María Daroca Rubio (2015-2017).

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"The structuring of the sector through the Interprofessional and the Council is the best management tool to have a balanced development and has become one of the keys to our success": Fernando Salamero, president of the Council of the DOCa. Rioja